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As the name suggests, the Traditional Earth Skills LLC is synonymous with the life lessons and Earth skills offered by the Lenape Indian culture in NJ. We provide one of the most authentic live history presentations and teaching on the Delaware Indian culture which is a comprehensive guide to the Lenape Indian culture.

We are well-known in New Jersey for offering a diverse range of services including Lenape educational programs, native wilderness skill workshops, land preservation and stewardship program, school workshops, the North American Tipi Program, scouting events, outdoor education center, handmade artifacts, environmental education center and much more. We have a vast experience in helping educators meet their goals by providing educational programs and workshops for schools, libraries, historical societies, groups, and businesses. We provide a variety of off-site programs and exhibits for kids and adults of all ages and ability levels, including special needs groups in NJ. Our presenters can work with one group at a time and are happy to tailor the program to your group’s needs. Also, we can provide exhibits and talks at your festival or conference!

Please call in advance to reserve your favorite date of choice. Join Traditional Earth Skills LLC in NJ to earn life enriching experiences and have a memorable time.

Our Services

School Workshops - New Jersey

School Workshops

Traditional Earth Skills LLC in New Jersey offers premium quality school workshops at extremely affordable rates. The school children are the future leaders, artists, environmentalists..

Scouting Events - New Jersey

Scouting Events

Exploring the nature around us, whether wild rivers, remote trails or the coastal waters affects people in profound ways. Knowing this, the Traditional Earth Skills LLC in NJ offer quite a few..

Handmade Artifacts - New Jersey

Handmade Artifacts

We live in an industrial and consumerist world where many things are mass produced in great amounts. Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that. It’s great that some things are..

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